Heavy Weights

How to create a really safe and virus free environment for customers and employees?


When customers come and go the equipment and weights need constant disinfecting. Constant disinfecting is very costly and that alone does not guarantee a safe environment. 

AirCide clear guarantees customers and emplyees a cleaner and safer environment cost effectively. irCide clear disinfect viruses and bacteria 100% and in addition cleans stains from the treated surface replacing traditional detergents. AirCide Clear also forms a protective coating thet destroys viruses and bacteria and lasts at least 1000 times touched.

Protects customers and personnel

Treat among other things the following surfaces with AirCide Clear -product to prevent viruses from spreading:

  • Weights, bars and equipment

  • WCs

  • Doorhandles and handrails

  • Counters

  • Payment terminals

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