Supermarket Carts

Shops and gas stations have large amounts of visitors daily, which means that different viruses and bacteria spread easily and fast. Taking care of surface hygiene eliminates unwanted microbes which means that customers and employees have safer environment to do business and work.

AirCide Clear disinfect viruses and bacteria 100% and forms a protective coating that destroys viruses and bacteria and lasts at least 1000 times touched.

Protect  customers and employees

​Protect your environment and treat the following surfaces with AirCide Clear:

  • Shopping carts and trolleys

  • Scale buttons

  • Visors and splash shields

  • Cash registers

  • WCs

  • Counters

  • Fuel pumps

  • Handles of refrigerators

  • Payment terminals and touchscreens

  • Handrailings

  • And all other surfaces that will be touched

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